Pixel Penguins

Look on the page the details are their………………..


Pin and pic

new pin in forest im still trying to get a pic to come up so as as i can i might not though ill post it. the pins in the forest so look for it…..

Ziniker 3

I miss Ziniker 3 , he was my best bud on cp……..uhh no one has seen him find him on cp or contact him and reward maybe $$$ on cp  idk   i wish we could still kit with him



I know my site SUCKS!!!  but what should i do to make it ckool leave a comment and tell me what i should do…. And if it’s headers or stuff like that dream cars lol things name tags tell how you do that or where to got thanks…


   ill update when i get ideas

Flag counter so tell people from far away to come

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Party with Ziniker 3 me Mr Tommy Boi and Ziniker

Please join

jon my army and be and editor on my other site Pinkngreen2.wordpress.com